In the course of our product developments, we've needed to log both RF data from our simulator (or live broadcast) and high speed Inertial Measurement Unit data from IMU's such as Honeywell HG1700, LN200, and various AMRAAM sensors in (Δv & Δθ) formats suitable for playback via our Simulator.

  • RF Broadband Signal Recorder: L1 ± 20 MHz, L2 ± 20 MHz oversampled and recorded via USB 3.0 in I/Q format suitable for playback via the NAVLABS PLYBCK-G module.
  • RS422 1 MHz Clock derived (Δv & Δθ ) from HG1700, LN200, AMRAAM Inertial Measurement Units. All electrical interfaces and protocol implemented. Data is suitable for playback via the NAVLABS MFIO.