From our founding in 1989, we've sought out one-of-a-kind GPS Constellation simulation projects. Some of them include:

Dual Vehicle Systems
  • Dual high performance aircraft in a combat trainer. Precise IMU and GPS Lever arm computations with all axis adaptation parameters. Mutual Lever Arm dynamics between wing-station-IMU and vehicle GPS-antenna required 1 KHz line-of-sight update to achieve high fidelity RF Outputs.
  • Delta-Heavy-Launch vehicle with down range GPS base-station. Effects due to exhaust plume were provided. The associated charged particles of the exhaust seriously compromise the GPS ionosphere computations during the staging phases. These effects were all modeled using the industry literature and then implemented.
Real-Time Systems
  • NAVLABS Synch-to-the-Sky Pseudolite operation to provide programmable broadcast of reserved SubFrame 4 messages via Reserved Pseudolite SVID. Time was synchronized to 10 nanoseconds with the sky GPS.
  • Crop-dusting. The LABPRO was driven real-time with a joystick. The simulator used the MFIO time discrete mapped to pesticide- spray on/off circuits in the system-under-test.
  • Using the NAVLABS LABMATE Data Recorder and playback device, Real-time GPS NMEA data was combined with recorded Odometer and Heading Gyro data. This data was passed through a cubic-spline and Played Back using our LABPRO GPS Constellation Simulator.
Kinematic Systems
  • 4 RF Output system for attitude determination. Pico-second calibration was developed to provide phase coherent interferometery for orienting a low earth orbitier.
Multi Sensor Systems
  • Dual Vehicle, Dual Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU sensors can be configured independently - error models and lever arm adaptations. Vehicles fly independently either by Scripted Flight Path or Real-Time with Joystick. The LABMATE recorder was used to allow switch out of "simulated" HG-1700 data and "real" data.