NAVLABS High Performance GPS Constellation Simulator designed for closed loop operation in multi-sensor dynamic simulation environment.

We use the term "closed loop" to describe a simulator that is supplied with dynamic vehicle trajectory data - time, position, velocity, acceleration, jerk, attitude, and attitude-rate - real time using an external high speed data interface such as Ethernet and ScramNet. These systems are typically for military applications in which the data transfer rate is high and the data transport delay is small. Since the closed loop system is usually used as a component within a comprehensive test suite, timing and data synchronization are of paramount importance. Our LabPro platform was designed specifically for the closed loop application. Our software controlled 1-PPS output, large input data buffer, and ability to handle asynchronous data input, make the LabPro an invaluable asset in the laboratory.
Our CLOSED LOOP GPS Constellation Simulator provides a same-platform integration of our Digital GPS Simulation Engine and the Tapestry Real-Time Computation Kernel running at 1 KHz. The LABPRO can be procured in a Real-Time Closed-loop (RT) configuration. In RT configuration, 6-DOF Vehicle dynamics are controlled real-time via the fiber-optic shared memory transfer provided by SCRAMNet.
This system is designed for the following applications:
  • As a drop-in replacement/upgrade-path for the L3COM/IEC-STS2450 GPS Constellation Simulators.
  • GPS outputs consistent with Proprietary Vehicle motion profiles.
  • Flight operational and Safety trainers: These include aircraft, helicopters and ground based systems.
  • Multi-sensor development laboratories in which the various sensors are distributed. The LABPRO-RT can slave or source a 10MHz clock and 1-PPS.
  • Closed loop feedback systems.