The NAVLABS DS_400 Digital Simulation Engine can be used to generate the spoofing/Replication of signals.

For example, a GPS guided artillery round must be tested in simulated field conditions. The NAVLABS DS_400 would provide the test simulation as follows: The DS_400 is operated in two vehicle mode (2RF). The primary vehicle, the Guided Shell, would be Jammed using our NGEN-1R and then using Replicated GPS signals - spoofer - a false Shell trajectory can be generated. It is the task of the Guided-Shell-Under-Test to demonstrate it can operate - using modernized GPS signals - in this configuration.
The following figures are data resulting from a similar test using our embedded SiRF-STARII and our LEGACY GPS Constellation Simulator SCS-3510. We allowed the Unit-Under-Test to gather the current GPS Ephemeris which we programmed into the SCS-3510. Synchronizing our simulator to real-time we:
  • The UUT was navigating using the Satellites broadcast on the 16 channel Direct-RF output.
  • Jammed the UUT (the lack of blue-breadcrumbs indicating "no navigation data" from our SiRF-STAR) using a Wide Band(WB) jamming channel on the SCS-3510.
  • As jamming was ending, the Replicator began broadcasting signals forcing a LEFT turn of the vehicle rather than the programmed RIGHT turn.
The DS_400 can simulate this scenario as shown: