GPS Signal Generation Using the National Instruments/Ettus USRP

Navigation Laboratories announces TapStream, the GPS L1 C/A code signal generation software that creates complete GPS scenario data. Streaming this data to the National Instruments/Ettus Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) results in a complete and fully functional 16 channel GPS RF Constellation Simulator at a fraction of the cost of dedicated hardware simulators. Since the signals are all mixed digitally the solution is extremely accurate and stable.
  • Low cost RF constellation simulation
  • Up to 16 satellites (16 GPS or 15 GPS + 1 WAAS)
  • Can simulate any value GPS date/time, any position
  • Built in Vehicle Profile Generator (VPG) can build simple and complex mission profiles
  • Generates scenarios that can be run over and over again, giving great test repeatability
  • Import standard USCG/Yuma almanac files to simulate any constellation
  • Includes WAAS

The NavLabs TapStream software combined with the National Instruments/Ettus USRP hardware provides the most complete and least expensive RF GPS Constellation Simulator in the world.