Welcome to Navigation Laboratories

Navigation Laboratories is an industry leader in high-performance GPS Constellation Simulators.

We design and manufacture unique digital hardware for Legacy GPS Systems and are fully conformant with the new Military GPS User-Equipment(MGUE) signals. Our fully digital design and sophisticated FPGA firmware allows us to use the same hardware platform to provide a complete spectrum of GPS signals conformant to all published specifications.

Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are provided in L1 C/A P, L2 P, WAAS, SAASM. Our MUE/MGUE signals include L1 C/A P M, L2 C P M, L5, SAASM, and Blue Force Electronic Attack(BFEA). Additional built-in features include flex-power, pseudolites, multipath, RAIM, and other enhancements. Our MUE/MGUE systems accept AGNS input control files.

In addition to GPS Constellation Simulators,

we manufacture an expansion feature card that allows us to provide hardware signals consistent with all major Automotive Dead Reckoning systems and Inertial Measurement Unit outputs.


Announcing the Tapestry Scenario and Streaming (TapStream) package for the National Instruments / Ettus family of Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) devices.